Covid 19 Solution to Automatically Scan for Face Mask and Measure Body Temperature

Mask detecting 

Attaches to automatic entryway systems 

Body temperature measurement in under 1 second without physical contact

Facial recognition to ensure mask adherence - with or without mask

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System Description:

The Thermo Scan Pro system is based on advanced deep learning technology, combined with infrared sensors, to generate accurate body temperature measurements, facial recognition and facial mask compliance.

Quick and simple installation 

Water and dust resistant, IP65, can be installed outdoors 

Temperature resistant from -10° C to °60 degrees Celsius

Supports Ethernet, wireless (WiFi) 

Measures temperature from a distance of 30-80 cm

Automatic recognition of facial masks 

Response time for facial recognition under 1 second 

Facial recognition per establishment up to 30,000 faces

Connect to automatic entryway systems

Prevents clients with abnormal temperatures or lack of facial protective masks from entering establishments

Heat measurement accurate by ±0.2°C-

ThermoScan Pro System Quickly and Automatically Scans for Face Mask and Body Temperature. When used with an electronic lock will deny or admit entry based on your criteria.

Additional Information:


The Thermo Scan Pro system has a vast variety of connections and can connect to different device types among automatic entrance systems, LAN and cellular internet. The devices support USB and others. 

Introducing Thermoscan Pro

Specifications of Thermoscan Pro

Light metal structure,
100% protected

High resolution,
8 inch display screen

3D camera and IR sensors

Strong, water proof
weather resistant

Handling COVID-19 safely

Mask detection

Automatically confirms or declines

Free recognition for employs

Infrared temperature sensor

Hands free-COVID-19 safe

Connect to automatic doors

Thermoscan Pro makes everything easier

Hands-off operation: no extra employees needed

Let Thermoscan Pro do all the hard work while your employees can focus on their job

Clients reported feeling more welcomed to the business, resulting in a better shopping experience.

Local branch managers report a general relief for both employess and clients, when Thermoscan Pro is installed

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