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The result will be the same since each system can detect one person at a time.
The warranty is for one year, with a possibility for extension for an additional year an 15% cost of product ** One-year Hardware and software warranty (not include the data stored inside the device, therefore it is recommended to back up your data once in a while)
The system cannot operate on batteries, only DC12V (+- 10%)

IP65, outdoor dust proof and waterproof functions, from time to time it is recommended to clean the lens as well.

It can be set for 30,000 staff or members which are recognized to the system, in addition it can detect unlimited strangers (without face recognition). The face recognition allow you to define the persons: personnel information locally, collect faces, input employee ID, name and gender etc…
There is no need to change the software, only hardware and if you are connected the gate you will need also to change the Relay line.
There is no further integration
it can measure between 30cm – 80cm distance from the device itself
Yes, the system will be upgraded with a new software update, the system will get all the update advantages.
Images and other data that is collected from the system and that was imported to the system
Our device already come with build in attendance system
yes, the system has a management control console which provides an overview of the number of devices and online status; statistics on the face scan (total face scan, employee face scan, visitor face scan, stranger face scan); today’s pass and real-time monitoring (employees, visitors, blacklists, and body temperature); and provides quick access to view details

The traffic record is displayed by default, and the data of the traffic
record can be queried and exported by day (the current day’s data is
displayed by default, and the exported record needs to be inserted into
the U disk); the field displays the name, identity, traffic time,
temperature and traffic snapshot picture

USB on the go, which is mainly applied to the connection between different devices or mobile devices for data exchange. You can connect USB flash disk, mouse, computer brush, upload, download of data and so on
Yes. The system blacklist management enables to mark out people with fever and those who do not wear a mask.
Please advise what is the customization needed by the costumer? The cost depends on the amount of work needed to make the requested customization; we will need MOQ for this.
Currently, we just support alarm, SMS, WHATSAAP etc. are not supported yet.
LAN mode can use Wi-Fi, stand-alone mode does not need Wi-Fi. Which means that 24*7 internet is not an Imperative requirement.
There are 2 methods to alert on a person: • – Select the blacklist and device and snap to report. Click the “Save” button to start the blacklist monitoring. After the device is successfully monitored, the person will be recognized and captured when reporting through the gate. • – Select the blacklist and device, choose to enable the snapshot report function, and enable the alarm sound. Click the “Save” button to start the blacklist monitoring. After the device is successfully monitored, the person will be identified through the gate, snapped to report and emit an alarm sound it is possible at any time to stop monitoring and alert a specific person or a group of pepole from the system: – In the blacklist monitoring personnel list, you can click the “remove monitoring” button behind the list record to release monitoring. After the removal is successful, the blacklist removes the snapshot monitoring or alarm from the selected device. You can also check the personnel record and click “remove monitoring” to perform batch operations
Can be used for gate control or for attendance pass record or for any place that needs to correlate between body temperature / face recognition / detailed information for known people.
The firmware of the temperature measurement module can be upgraded manually through the application settings or remotely via the management console. For manual upgrade: insert the U disk, and then enter the upgrade function of the temperature measurement module of the application settings to select the firmware that can be upgraded for manual upgrade. After the upgrade, you can view the version number of the new firmware of the temperature measurement module. (the firmware file needs to be placed in the root directory of the U disk, and the file name must be “updatetemp.bin”. For remote upgrade: Select the device in [Device list] and click “MoreClient upgrade” to enter the device software upgrade page. On this page, you can see the list of uploaded device software. Select the software version of the device to be upgraded and click the upgrade button to complete the device software upgrade operation. It supports online and offline upgrade operation
The system is very easy, it has a friendly UI, 1 day should be enough.
Yes, there is a possibility to turn off facial recognition.
under one second
yes automatic detection of faces and focus
Diverse application: Public cloud deployment, private deployment. LAN use, stand- alone use Various expansion: Supporting expansion of various peripheral devices such as ID card reader, fingerprint instrument, 1C card reader, QR code reader, etc Stability: Different angles/ different light/ face changes can be accurately identified High accuracy: Adopting high performance Infrared thermal imaging module, temperature measuring accuracy ±0.2°C Development: Support multiple API docking for secondary development Easy to collect: No special equipment, mobile phone and computer camera can collect faces anytime anywhere.
Yes, it is possible to modify “Body temperature detection” and set the parameters of temperature detection.
Control the mask detection function. You can choose to turn on or off this function, the default is off. On: Recognize without wearing a mask. After recognition, the display style is a red background. Access is prohibited. Please wear a mask. The voice broadcast “Please wear a mask”; wearing a mask can be recognized normally. Off: Does not detect whether to wear a mask during recognition.
There are different alarms sound that can be modified per function

– Working temperature -10°C~60°C
– Storage temperature -20°C~60°C ntent

It supports face mask recognition, ID card reader, fingerprint instrument and other peripheral extensions, so it can be applied to gate channel and access control attendance. For example, Employee list: The employee list is used to manage employee information, such as viewing, adding, editing, and exporting employee information. Employee information can be added individually or in bulk.